Dum Laga Ke Haisha-A Movie Review

DUM  LAGA KE HAISHA time…Enjoy timeimage

I have been a movie buff since the days of VCR…yeah remember those rectangular black cases which used to have FILM(Filam or Boi) inside it.The rental would vary from 20 rupees to 50 rupees for a particular period  which used to vary according to the status of the particular film’s box office collection.Also we had those audio cases known as Cassettes…and lastly Doordarshan with us.Yes i am talking about the glorious 90’s,when the weekends were meant for mainly Hindi cinemas,the time when Khans ruled..(they still do)..there were no facebook,no twitter…and more importantly no random movie reviews over the internet.But most importantly..the film music..(which used to be the crowd puller)..was dominated by a particular person,who have been credited with a Limca book of records for pulling off 27 recordings in a single day.Not only that,five back to back Filmfare awards for best singer(still unbroken)and lots more….heroes have become heroes due to these chartbusters and they have romanced their heroines like anything with his voice..like Ek ladki ko dekha(1942 A Love Story),Tujhe dekha toh yeh(DDLJ),Dil mera chuaraya kyun(Akele hum akele tum)..and my favourite Ghoonghat ki aar se dilbar ka (Hum hain rahi Pyar ke)..You might me thinking why the hell I am speaking about this particular melody king of 90’s..because he is the backbone of the film “DUM LAGA KE HAISHA”…you know whenever you see the YRF banner in a movie hall,it is accompanied by the godly voice of Lata Mangeshkar..but this time it was KUMAR SANU..(Listen Tu)..sweet as sugar..melodious as the cuckoo.Finallllly got a chance to watch this cute flick…Ria..thanks for  making this movie memorable.
This film simply takes you back to the swinging 90’s,when Heroes used to wear loud coloured suits..followed by ill fitting trousers..and lastly multicoloured shirts or fancy ties..(don’t believe me..watch out Salman Khan in Joote de do paise le lo from Hum aapke hain kaun)…Oh yes the heroines with tailor made Western dress or Chiffon sarees…but the fashion people have changed it in a long way..Manish Malhotra and Sabyasachi…great job.The production design of the film is just perfecto..it gets big time real while recreating a north Indian Hindu household by the Ganga kinare in Hardwar..from the utensils,audio tapes…even the pen with which Ayushman was seen writing the playlist.The night time cinematography across the Lachman jhula,the bylanes of Haridwar..(Soulful Moh moh ke dhaage)….and playful silence between the leadpairs were awesome.You have to acknowledge the beauty of their scooter ride,the voice of Monali Thakur on echoing across the sleepy Gangakinare residential area.So the film is one of the best period flicks ever….(OM SHANTI OM still rocks)…i mean most of the Bollywood films are still struck on 70’s..some 80’s or the retro era…but no one ever thought of the 90s..i mean its almost 25 years back….Mumbai was Bombay back then,jeans and designer wear were not compulsory back then…a laidback attitude and full of teasing romanticism.It was a great experience for me.Thankgod…hindi films have broken the stereotype of having plastic beauty…instead we have a golu(plum) heroine.Earlier a fat lady would have been offered only comic roles,really a bold attempt.Also the Sasural people are not bad like other movies.Thanks to my friend for suggesting this romantic flick over whatsapp coneversation….I never write about any movies..if it fails to impress me..so DUM LAGA KE HAISHA actually  takes you back to those early gadget era….The heroine is chubby and tailormade for this extra large(XXL) love story…what to speak about  Mr Ayushman aka Prem …just a breeze of fresh air when you relax near Ganges in Hrishikesh…that is Ayushman…banda is so natural…Don’t forget to applause the BUA and BABUJI of Ayushman….just apt for the part..brilliant casting Yashraj…The film highlights few issues like the need of education,the importance of women’s education..and the problems faced by the regional board students while attempting ENGLISH paper during their board exam…Ayushman essays the angst and frustration of  an underdog to the perfect level..and the innovative race is actually a great metaphor…If you try you can win anything.Do you know which is the most difficult  thing in this world? To win true love of your Ladylove and getting it back with kisses :P..Enjoy it…Enjoyable screenplay..Mismatch marriage at its best…checkout how they find love…dum laga ke dekho

Trailer of the Film

1.The reememergence of Kumar Sanu,his sugary voice echoing across the film.
2.The peppy number by Sanu and Sadhana Sargam in the end..and exact recreation of 90’s dance style in the song.Ayushman and Bhumi rocked it…enjoyed shaking their hip shaking moves and locales of  Hardwar and Hrishikesh..serves it rightly.(Dard Karare…is a chartbuster)
3.The scene where the male and female lead talks about getting each other  a second partner and the Ganga water brilliantly reflecting on the background-its funny ..yet it is melancholic.
4. The awkward attitude in the local Lingerie shop 😛
5. The cold war between Pati and Patni..where they converse by playing Bollywood numbers on the ghisapita  cassette player.
6.The slapping spree
7.If you are wondering about the storyline..get a life..Movie reviews should never tell about the story but about the craft of the movie.                                                                                          CON

The Audio shop’s wall was full of Kumar Sanu posters of 90s…the film is set in 1995, the big poster in black glittery suit…is a contemporary image of Kumar Sanu..after 2008.. 😛 sorry for pointing it out.

PS- Never mess with a woman….specially Educated Woman..
Note of Thanks.
1.Palashpriya Bhattacharya- You know the reason.
2.Sreyashi Gupta- Even you know the reason.
3.City Pride Kothrud- Because you are cozy. Image from the Internet.

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