The Great Indian Cinema

A Tribute to our Cinema

Cinema is a  kind of addiction.It is a mode of entertainment.People watch moving pictures with persons  essaying different roles,some times they cry,theylaugh,they murder ,they love and along with them we also. Indian cinema began in 1913 with the release of   Raja Harishchandra, a silent film,othersfollowed.There is a certain dose of controversy regarding Pundalik,often termed as First Indie film.

The talkies began with AlamAra,and we have several names to the credit,people often mistake Hindi cinema as the Indian Cinema,there is a lot more if we consider regional movies,movies made in English in India.This year we celebrate centenary of Indian cinema,wohoo quiet along time.
Dada Saheb Phalke dared ,he made the first ever,followed by a bunch of enthusiast movie makers who set fire on the silver screen and people were hooked to it.(watch Harishchandrachi Factory)

Cinema in India is not only a piece of art,it’s a world in itself. India produces thrice the number of films coming out of Hollywood belt. Critics often criticise that quanity is there but quality is lacking.  Well the scene is entirely different. The transformation of  India under British colony to new born Independent India,its joyride through fifties ,its struggle,gaining world recognition,almost everything about our nation have been showcased via films. Indian cinema is a projection of our Desi life.(yes sometimes it is quiet a cheap showcase also).
Let us look back to our some glorious piece of Cinema.

1 Raja Harishchandra- the first of its kind,made by  Dada SahebPhalke
2 PremSanyas- Made by Franz osten of Germany ,along with HimanshuRai of Bombay
talkies,which narrates the story of Gautam Buddha
3 AlamAra-the first talkie which established the use of music,song and dance as the mainstay of Indian cinema…..God bless the mindless song and dance sequence which exist even today.
4 Kismet- The first ever blockbuster starring  Dadamoni aka Ashok Kumar,which ran for 3 years in Calcutta…The patriotic feel..surely a crowd puller.
5 Awara- With this the showman Raj Kapoor established himself as the leading actor and his image as the eternal tramp..
6 Do BighaZameen,inspired by Bicycle thieves, and based on a short story of Shalil Chowdhury, BalrajSahani enthralled the audience with his  effortless performance.
7 ShyamchiAai-AcharyaAtre made this saga of mother-son relationship,which became the first film to win President’s gold medal..You got to see this gem of Marathi Cinema..
8 PatherPachali-The first movie by the orient long man of the east,SatyajitRay,which won the best picture in Cannes Film Festival, documents the struggle for existence of a family in Bengal village.This was India’s first film to be praised at the World stage.But the first film to be showcased in Cannes Film Festival was a hindi war drama “Haqueeqat”
9 Mother India- Mehboob Khan’s eternal saga of a struugling single mother is a hard hitting piece of cinema,with electrifying performance by NargisDutt. The film won an Oscar nomination. 10.Mughal E Azam – The magnum opus of Mughal Era under Akbar…a fictional love story with courtesan….grand production design..grand acting…immortal Lata Mangeshkar Epic in truest sense…Well dear West..Indian film does not mean Poor people and poor country…take a note
The list goes on and on with magnum opus like Mughal e Azam,Pyasa,Doaankhenbarahhaath,Guide,Meghe Dhaka Tara,Guide,Charulata,Upkar,Chiriakhana,Haateybajarey, GoopigayenBaghabayen,Bhuvanshome,Ghatsraddha,GejjePooje,Samskaraand many more.
Indian cinema gave the people a reason to survive,to look into their society,to escape from the hard hitting realities and yes it gave us some  matinee idol like Dr Rajkumar(Karnataka), Uttam Kumar(Bengal,the first actor to receive best actor national award),NTR,ShivajiGaneshan,RajKapoor,Dilip Kumar, Amitabh Bacchan,Shahrukh Khan.
India produced parallel cinema beside mainstay commercial movies. Film Makers like SatyajitRay,MrinalSen ,RitwikGhatak,ShyamBenegal,AparnaSen, GoutamGhose,ManiRatnam, RitupornoGhose,Mira Nair have established the great Indian cinema in world forum.
The concept of romance have been immortalized by Yash Chopra (Dil to Pagal hain,Silsila,Jab Tak Hain Jaan). J.P Dutta showcased the triumph of Indian soldiers (Border,LOC Kargil)Ram Gopal Verma excelled in crime sagas(Satya,Company, Sarkar)
Director like AshutoshGowariker gave us period sagas like Lagaan,Jodha Akbar. RajkumarSantoshi used film to portray the injustice in our society with film likeGhayal,Ghatak,Lajja.
Well it is a huge subject,theCBFC have contributed a lot to the growth of  Indian cinema. Premier body like FTTI, NFDC,NFAI, are putting their hurt and soul in developing the cinema
The new wave of cinema have been felt through the work of Dibakar Banerjee, AnuragKashyap,ZoyaAkhtar,FarhanAkhtar.
While filmmakers like Manoj Kumarshowacased pop patriotism through Upkar,PurabaurPaschim,thenKaran Johar have showcased peppy romance like Kuchkuchhotahain and also the plight of being muslim in the time of terror in My Name is Khan.
Well no cinema is perfect,even our cinema have faults. Some time they are too loud or excessive melodramatic. Filmmakers often overlook aesthetic elements for the sake of cheap commercial motive. One should be true to the art. It is sometime objectionable to irk sensitive issues and creating controversies,and hurting sentiments. But it is also true that an artist should have artistic liberties.A cinema is never a message,it is a statement only. It can never change a society but can be a part of that change. Indian cinema have been growing with the growth of country.And our films have become a part of us.Indian filmmaker must not opt for the best,but better than the best
A popular saying about Indian cinema “you can never part with two things..Maa (mother) and Cinemaaaa” Image source-Stolen from the world wide web…

Sreyashi Gupta

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