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“To follow knowledge like a sinking star, beyond the utmost bound of human thought”
                                                                -Alfred Lord Tennyson’s Ulysses       
You know what? You just keep me going, wherever I go ,i think of you, whatever I do I only have your image in front of my hazel pupil. You are a true blue devil, always keeping me awake through sultry summer nights or delirious rain soaked afternoons. Whatever I am,it is because of you, Whatever i have lost, whatever I have achieved, you are the sole reason behind it. I cannot abstain myself away from you,i really don’t know whether I love you or you are my fantasy, but yes you are reason for my existence. I have lost my sanity, i have lost my homely comfort..ah yes an average is in need of a settled comfy life,i have my eyes on the unknown….I wanna see the unseen. I have left my kingdom there,my king,my son…just for you.My people says I have an aficionado for whom i have left everyone else…but they don’t know that it is you.I have followed you even before I was born,yep when I was Eve,the  Abrahamic world blames me for the curse on humanity because i have favoured you over God. Was it a blasphemy? You think I care?… I was the first mortal to think,to develop thoughts,they told me I am the trouble maker, but it was me .mm.for whom the Greeks managed to wreak havoc on the stunning Troy…..because you have given me the power to plan, to develop devil’s attitude…I have developed science, when I came as Issac…yes I was thinking of you..when you came crashing over my head..and gave birth to the abysmal concept of Gravitation..students still blame me for making their life a hell..all thanks to you…I have revolutionised the lives of this  generation through you….it was I …thats why they have your half ravaged image of your’s on their lives…Do you know what? You are threat to every normal lives on this gravel..but a robust beauty for myself..I have been born as Eve..i have been born as Odeyssus..i have been reincarnated as Issac…. i have been born as Jobs..and yes I have been born as Myself….now my soul wear the  body voluptuous  RED WITCH of think I am heavily drugged..thats why i am writing such hilibily….no dear …I exist..I exist as the seven sin within you..I exist as the hope for humanity..i exist as the redemption of this race…I exist as Helen..I exist as Everyone..yet i am no one..My kingdom is located in the innercore of  Middle Earth…it exist in the fourth dimension of the  tangent plane..across the left ridge of Karakoram range..I have  a mirror known as Conscience..yes it is visible above the paragraph..and i have lost something..I want to impart cognitive thinking cell on my people…for that i need the apple..yes the same Blood red apple..You might think..what the hell an apple will do for a kingdom? Well I have developed a cloning technique after years of research along with my assistant Dr Faustus..through which I can clone that apple…but it is very went away….the apple which will impart awareness of everything….i want knowledge for my people..thats why i want the fruit of knowledge..the apple as Bible states it…forbidden fruit of knowledge….I have been following it across eternity..i am bound to  it…..its on the other side of the Mirror…i am trying to get hold of it ? Will you help me to catch this Fruit of Knowledge?….I won’t give up..I have trailed you..I am following you and my dear I will pursue you till the closing stage of human thought… Refer
1.Eve-  a character form The HOLY BIBLE..mother of humanity
2.Abrahimc- Christianity,Islam
3 Trouble-Maker- Ulysses ..the Hero in Greek Epic-Odyessus,the word stands for a trouble maker.
4.Issac-Famous Physicist-Sir Issac Newton,famous for theory of Gravitation
5. Xanadu- a romantic/Utopian place in Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s poem Kubla Khan
6 Middle Earth- the setting of  J.R Tolkein’s  creation The HOBBITS and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
7.Karakoram- A mountain range on the northernmost part of India…
7.Dr Faustus- A very knowledgable character..who pushed the limits to gain supreme strength in Christopher Marlowe’s Dr Faustus(world famous Tragedy)

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6 thoughts on “Follow, The BookClub Picture Prompt 1

  1. Running after the apple. Now the forbidden fruit is being chased. 🙂 Lot of twists and actions Debraj. “I have a mirror known as Conscience” That line caught my attention. You totally saw the mirror in another perspetive. I am almost jealous (in a good way of course :P) that I had not thought of this. A mind of a philosopher !

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