I ask you ,”why do you live in fear?”
Why you are full of pain and tear
Throttle your fear,wipe out your tear
Because fear and tear is the sign of fragileness
Hey you,rise above all this,be brave,show some boldness
Do you call this life
Where there is no quest for knowledge
No vigour for triumph.
Don’t be emotional,be a pragmatic
No one is your friend ,no is your Foe
Recognize yourself from top to toe
Don’t surrender your conscience,your pride
Life always varies,full of high and low tide
Kalam said,’we are all born with divine fire’
Get up,show your Zeal,’Give wings to the Fire’.
Decipher  the Bhagvat,which will invoke your Might
It will make you analyse about the wrong and the right
Don’t sqander your birth,don’t act idiotic
You ,you should be determined,you are ought to be emphatic
About  your work,about your goal
Fight like brave Abhimanyu,to the dust,with your heart and soul
You are the Mahabahu,you are the Anantajit
Courage is your teacher,fierceness is your spirit.
                                      Debraj Moulick
mahabahu- (He whose arms are mighty)-anodr name of Arjun
Anantajit-the unconquerable-anodr name of lord Krishna
Abhimany-son of arjun,who fought the kauravas,inside chakravyu
Kalam-Former president of India,used the quoted line in his autobiography-“wings of fire”                    image-from Internet,by Keith Richardson..


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